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Deploying distributed energy resources such as the BioEnergySolutions Inc. IP Energy Junction TM platform ensures the kilowatt hours (kWh) we aim to supply our community of partners is cleaner than carbon neutral energy like solar or wind while simultaneously producing a suite of agriculture products and biochar.


  • Remove wastewater sludge from the landfill waste stream and associated ecosystem lifecycles

  • Create electricity, agriculture, as well as ancillary carbon products from the recaptured waste stream

  • Serve local and broader community with energy services


  • Deliver the deployment of an innovative distributed energy resource utilizing recaptured waste streams to create carbon-negative electricity as well as other notable agricultural products such as biochar

  • Integrate Energy Junction ™ technology into existing wastewater treatment plant end of life operational workflow

  • Ensure development and technology integration to Collectron Energy existing energy services meets standards of Local, State and Federal policy.


  • City OPEX savings greater than $225K per annum

  • Reduction of GHG emissions directly attributable to landfill tipping operational practices

  • Carbon sequestration across agriculture, infrastructure and electricity verticals

  • Creation of full time jobs

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